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Priscilla Jacko

I have added your family to my prayer journal, and will pray that the TRUTH will come out!!

November 2 2007 (1207) e

Barry and Sharon McGhee

Dear Swartz Family,
I learned of Justine just today listening to the Live and Local radio program in Chattanooga Tennessee today. I was moved to learn more about this young woman and the tragic circumstances by which she was taken from this world. As a parent of 3 step children and one of my own I cannot fathom the pain of loosing a child - even one that is 27 years old. Our hearts are prayers are with you and it is our sincere hope for your peace of mind that the truth be known and there is justice for Justine.

November 1 2007 (1206) e

Scott and Lori Madison

To Justine's Family,

Our thoughts and prayers go out to you, especially as the anniversary of her tragic death approaches.

Justine was truly an angelic soul who touched so many lives...and continues to do so from heaven.

May God comfort you through this time and provide justice for Justine.

Scott and Lori Madison
Lynchburg, VA

October 9 2007 (1203) e

Justine's Mother

Yesterday we went to your school and saw the beautiful garden created in your memory in the playground. The students were running across your bridge and were having so much fun.
The bridge has a plaque with your name on it and it says "Dedicated Teacher". I can't think of a higher complement you could have received. I know that you see it and you know how loved you are. I know how proud you are to have your student's parents and colleagues honor you. It is an honor to be your mother and know how many lives you touched.

October 6 2007 (1202) e

Justine's Mother

Sweet Justine,

Yet another month has passed, and the grief is no easier to bear. We miss you every minute of every day. I know you are with me always, but yet, what I would give to see your sweet smile or hear you speak to me once again.
Know that we love you, and that we will keep working for Justice for you.

I love you so.


September 2 2007 (1196) e

Allison (Clemmons) Morrison

Heidi I have emersed myself in this website ever since I dropped by the store and heard the news yeasterday. I have read everything and wept for you and Steve. My heart breaks for you two. I just wish that I knew what to say. I am so sorry for your loss and will be praying for justice so you can come to some sort of closure. I never met Justine, but she is who I wish I could be. She sounds so kind and gentle, the world needs more people like her. Please know that this news has touched me, and I will keep you and Steve in my thoughts and prayers. I'm so sorry Heidi.

August 18 2007 (1192) e


I did not know Justine, but she sounds like a really sweet person and I am so saddened by her loss. I live in Barboursville so it hits close to home. I hope the family will find the answers they need. I think she was living with the answer not to make you feel bad.
Sorry for your loss.

August 3 2007 (1190) e

Justine's Mother

My Dear Justine,
It has been nine months since you walked in our world with your sweet grace. Oh, how we miss you.
My only hope now is that you have peace and that the people who know what happened that awful night will come forward and tell the truth to the police.
To do less than that is to dishonor the memory of you, you would have done so if you had been the one to know.
Go in peace, my beautiful princess.

August 2 2007 (1189) e


Dear Justine,
I received the scrap book that you were making for us and it nearly broke my heart. I miss you more than I can express. Thank you for the wonderful sayings and messages you wrote in the book. All my love.

(1000) e

will never be forgotten

Mr. and Mrs. Swartz,

There is not a day that goes by that my family doesn't talk and share wonderful memories of Justine.  I still see the hurt in my their  eyes when her name is spoken.  My two girls  loved her so very, very much.  Oh, how I wish we could bring her back.  I can't even imagine the pain your family is going though.

From a family of s

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From a Family of Broken Hearts

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