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Swartz Family,
Although I did not know Justine personally, this tragedy is still fresh in my mind....I pray for your family to heal in the best ways that you can. I am on board for JUSTICE FOR JUSTINE ~ keep her story & her face out there as you have been, I hope someone will have the courage to help bring you closure. Justine is a beautiful person on the outside, and from her friends & family posts, now those of us who didn't know her personally know how good she was on the inside...may your memories bring you smiles....

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Lisa Madison

Last year around this time my son made a very special friend.  We had known Justine for some time but never spent much time with her until her wedding.   After the wedding Dylan wanted to hang out with Justine and her step daughters.  Dylan is a kind hearted little boy and loved Justine very much.  She touched his heart in ways that no one has.  They went swimming together and he said she made sure he keep sunblock on.  (They have the same skin).  So like many young children Dylan has felt the lost of wonderful person but gained and Angel.  We look out at the clear sky at night and find the brightest start and that is Justine.
To her family thank you for letting us share such valualbe time with Justine.

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i was reading about this tragedy and want to say that i am so sorry this has happened and she was a beautiful woman and i hope everyone finds what they seek.

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EHE Parent

My daughter was a student of Justine's and I volunteered in her class every week.  This was my first child to go to school and I am not sure who was more nervous (me or my daughter).  But that first time that I met Justine, I knew that everything would be all right.  She gave us both a hug (!) and told us things would be fine.  And things were more than fine - Justine was truly everything  that I could ever have hoped for.  She was so warm and caring to each and every one of her students.  She found a way to engage them and make them smile and laugh even when they were having a difficult time.  She included me in her class and made my daughter absolutley LOVE school.  My daughter couldn't wait to go back on Monday just to tell Justine what she had done over the weekend.  She is now in 2nd grade but not one day went by that she did not stop by Justine's class room for her "Ms. Swartz hug".  I can't tell you how much we miss her and how many letters and pictures my daughter has made for her that she wants to send to heaven - she is so sorely missed.  I am so thankful to have known her and so sad and angry that she was taken away.  I hope that justice will be served. 
My thoughts and prayers are with the Swartz family during this time.  Even though nothing will bring her back - please know (and I am sure that you do) that she was truly a wonderful and amazing person who gave so much to those around her.  I am in awe of her giving nature and have wonderful memories of talking with her and laughing with her.  She is an inspiration and an angel that will live in mine and my daughter's heart forever.

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Emerald Hill Parent

Such a sad and tragic ending to what seems to have been a beautiful life.  My daughter is a kindergarten student in another class at Emerald Hill and had the opportunity to share time with Mrs. Abshire and her class.  She asks all the time "why is Mrs. Abshire in heaven?"  I'm not quite sure what the "right" answer is but this is what I tell her...
"God needed a special angel.  Now kindergarteners everywhere have their very own and its Mrs. Abshire." 
One day the truth about what happened will surface and  I hope justice is served.  Until then, we can only rejoice in her legacy and know that she touched many lives.
My thoughts and prayers to her family and friends.  God bless.

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willie E.& Emma J. Lee

To the Swartz family,
Take comfort in the 23rd Psalms:
The Lord is your Shepherd; and you will not want
He maketh you lie down in green pastures (and rest):he leadeth (you) beside the still waters.
He restoreth (your) soul; he leadeth (you) in the path of righteousness for his name sake.
Yea though (You)  walk through the valley of the shadow of death, you will fear no evil; for ( God) is with you; thy rod and staff( wll comfort you)
Thou (he will) prepare a table before (you) in the presence of (your) enemies; He will anoint your head daily with oil; (your) cup will run over,
Sorely God goodness and mercy will follow you all the days of your life; and (you) will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.
Each day we pray your burdens will  get a lighter,
Each day we pray the (Son) will shine  brighter. 
Willie  E. & Emma J. Lee
God will never leave you or forsake you.

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Lisa Madison

Posted May 28, 2007

Dear Swartz Family,
A year ago this past weekend I met you for the first time at Justine's wedding.  She was beautiful in her gown, all the pink rose's and begonia's.   You made my family feel like a part of yours.  Lauren let Gracie put Justine's veil on and then had to give her Justine's practice veil, which she still wears with pride.    We hang the candle from around the tent at Christmas to honor Justine.  We had a lovely time at the Inn with you and will never forget how kind you all were to us.
Lisa, Devin, Dylan and Gracie

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Centreville, VA - Posted April 1, 2007 10:29 am

I taught with Justine a few years ago at EHE. I was shocked and saddened to hear about her death. She was a gentle, kind, intelligent, and thoughtful girl. My thoughts go out to her family and students.

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Holly and Lilly

Posted March 29, 2007 7:15 pm

Hey Bean,

Every morning Lilly and I kiss the huge butterfly you got us in Florida.
We love you.

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Allison Crawford

Location: Ruckersville, Va - Posted March 10, 2007 7:25 pm

I did not know you Justine, but my daughters loved you very much. They miss you very much and talk about you often. It sounds like you were a very special person and I am deeply sorry that you are gone. Daryan and Kenzie know that you are in heaven and they will see you again. Kenzie writes letters to you Justine and she knows that you read them, even though you are not here with us. She and Daryan have made you many things in art class and they keep them in a special memory box. Please stay with them, for they miss you so much. You and your family are in our prayers.

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