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Jenifer Dowling

So very sad this happened. My compassion in your healing.

November 6 2017 (2861) e

Dolores Golas

To the family of Justine, I am so sorry for the lost of your loved one. May you find comfort remembering all the happy times you've shared together.

July 23 2017 (2860) e

Brittney Souza

I was only in 3rd grade when I heard of the passing of Ms. Swartz. I haven't really looked into any of this until recently and I'm so glad I found this page for her. I was in her first kindergarten class back in 2003 and still think of her all the time. I always look back and remember how sweet she was and how she made my first year at Emerald Hill memorable. I'll never forget her and the knowledge, joy, and laughter she brought to the classroom.

-Brittney Souza

July 9 2017 (2859) e


I just watched the 20/20 episode about your daughter and I am sooo sorry for your loss. Watching Eric's interview was despicable. When asked what he missed, he mentioned things that annoyed him, but he now missed. That's when I knew for sure he was guilty. I know you'll never get your daughter back, but she's with you in spirit. I hope now your family has some closure and can heal. Much love to all of you.

March 23 2017 (2854) e

Cynthia McDougal

I am so sorry for your loss. Your daughter and sister is beautiful. I can't imagine what you must be going through. I watched the Dateline episode (repeat) of your daughter's mysterious death. I guess I am curious as to what the evidence was that put your son in law in prison? I reviewed news articles about the case, but I didn't see any notation about evidence that linked him to her death. Again, so sorry for your loss. God bless.

April 15 2016 (2853) e

Juli Eggers

Dear Abshire Family,
I'm sorry to tell you this. I don't want to cause you any pain but, I thought you should be informed. Someone has been sending me messages through FB under your JfJ name with photos of tattoos done on women's genital areas. The photos are extremely graphic. I know those messages are not from anyone associated with your family or the site. But, knowing how Justine loved children, I wanted to let you know before whoever is doing this sends a message to a child & a parent mistakenly blames you. Let me know if you'd like me to forward a copy to you. Sincerely. Juli Eggers Menifee CA

April 2 2016 (2851) e

Stephen Swartz

Missing you too sweetie

February 6 2016 (2849) e

Heidi (Swartz) Fabian

Missing you now. My sweet baby girl was born 37 years ago today.

February 5 2016 (2848) e


Just watched a 20/20 rebroadcast documenting the life, death..which, as we now know, the heinous murder of your beautiful Justine. I then followed up with the Dateline episode "Shattered", and was thankful, although saddened, to learn Eric was finally convicted of Justine's murder. Saddened that not only did Eric cut short the life of your precious daughter Justine, he has taken such joy and light from your family's lives. I pray your family has begun to heal and can find happiness in simple every day pleasures once again. Also in knowing Justine is forever in your hearts and lives on in the many memories and in the knowledge she taught each and every one of her students. Lighting a candle today in Justine's memory, and for you, her family and friends, who love her and fought so adamantly for Justice for Justine. Thank you for sharing your story.

November 19 2015 (2847) e

Julie McIntosh

I was just watching the Dateline episode and was so upset as I watched that I had to stop and Google to make sure that her husband had been convicted. What a monster he is, not to mention a horrible liar. I am married to a Marine. They are action without thought, trained to react in an emergency. His actions after finding her made it plain as day to me, not to mention the mountain of other evidence. Unless Eric was the world's worst Marine, who paid zero attention during training, he would have been able to assess the situation, react, and render aid at the scene without leaving his wife in the road. What an obvious liar.

I'm so very sorry for your loss... I'm glad Eric is in jail and that his punishment will extend from this life into the next. May he rot.

Said a prayer for your family today. Again, my condolences for your terrible loss of such a beautiful young lady who just picked someone beneath her.

November 19 2015 (2846) e

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