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No parent should ever have to bury a child. I'm so sorry for your loss. Just watched the dateline episode...this and your love keeps her memory and story alive! God Bless You!

November 19 2015 (2845) e


I'm sorry for your loss.

November 19 2015 (2844) e


Thinking of Justine and her dear family on this anniversary. I hope you all have acquired some measurement of peace in your hearts. You are in my thoughts often, but especially today.

November 3 2015 (2843) e


This narcissistic animal preyed on Justine. He mistook her as weak because of her sweet, kind and gentle nature. He did not care for her and used her. Thank God, he is where he deserves to be. Your daughter's story touched me as I once was in a marriage much like Justine's. I was controlled, belittled, mentally & verbally abused, and was left with very little self worth. I, too, had a very disconnected relationship with my close knit family and friends. I am saddened Justine is not here today with you. You stated as long as people remember her she is not really dead. That is so true.

September 10 2015 (2842) e

Gregg Gusta

My respects and sympathy for your loss. A parent is not meant to outlive their child. Dateline/48 Hours and the like, they all seem to revolve around spouses who kill spouses. Please people, if you are dissatisfied, speak to your spouse, no matter how painful it is. It appears that people sometimes would rather kill their spouse than discuss their problems. So many of us shut ourselves off from our own emotions we can't even put them into words. And so many times such a horrible unjust consequence... Many of these murders are not committed by psychopaths/sociopaths (same thing), just people who are more afraid to talk to the person they are married to honestly than they are to kill them. I do not know these victims, of course their families will always say the finest eulogies imaginable. No one is perfect. But they obviously do not deserve what happened.

If you are not happy in your relationship, you must find a way to verbally communicate, regardless of the consequences. It will be painful. It will be awkward. That person is a human being, they deserve to live. You do not get to choose the time and manner of their death because of your cowardice.

June 6 2015 (2841) e


Hello. My name is Julie. I grew up in Orange County. I just finished watching the Dateline segment on Justine’s murder and felt compelled to leave an email for Justine’s mother.

My mother died in 2012. I paid to fly my niece from Costa Rica to Orange County to attend the funeral. I hadn’t seen her for many years, but viewed her “perfect life” and “great relationship” via FaceBook.

The night before my mother’s funeral I noticed significant signs that my niece was in fact suffering from battered woman’s syndrome. I pointed this out to her.

Long story short, my niece was able to get out of the county and return to the US before her fiancé could do any permanent damage.

My point is this – I see the same signs of battered woman’s syndrome behavior in Justine before her death.

That being said, I strongly believe that Justine’s husband murdered her for money and thought he was smart enough to get away with it.

I am a trained professional - trust me when I say most women in this predicament get beat down to such a degree that they loose themselves and make excuses for their significant other’s behavior.

Please do not carry any blame or guilt. Most women in this predicament detach from family and remain in the situation. In the case of my nice, I was very lucky.

My heart goes out to you. I am happy justice was served.

June 1 2015 (2840) e


My husband and I just watched the Dateline episode featuring your beautiful and lovely daughter, Justine. Know how terribly sorry we feel for your indescribable pain and loss. Justine and all of you are in our thoughts, our hearts, and our prayers. May you somehow, someday find peace....

The Levy Family - Los Angeles

May 31 2015 (2839) e

glenda flowers

I worked with Justine when she had the part-time job at wood grill here in Charlottesville. she was beautiful shy and kind. though it was obvious she had a sadness about her. watched the dateline again tonight . still cannot believe there would be anyone who could hurt such a sweet lovely person. so glad he is in prison hopefully forever

May 31 2015 (2838) e

Devona George

Beautiful daughter, sister, friend, and young woman loved as a teacher by her students. I am so sorry for your loss, and hope you feel some justice as a result of the trial outcome. Wishing you strength and healing through the years with the peace of knowing Justine is an angel watching over those she loved.

May 31 2015 (2837) e


I am heartbroken after just hearing this tragedy.
I worked with Justine's father in Memphis (early 90's) and admired his wonderful family.
I pray that someday their tears will be replaced with a smile when they remember her. She was a beautiful woman.

March 9 2015 (2836) e

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