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My husband and I just watched the Dateline episode featuring your beautiful and lovely daughter, Justine. Know how terribly sorry we feel for your indescribable pain and loss. Justine and all of you are in our thoughts, our hearts, and our prayers. May you somehow, someday find peace....

The Levy Family - Los Angeles

May 31 2015 (2839) e

glenda flowers

I worked with Justine when she had the part-time job at wood grill here in Charlottesville. she was beautiful shy and kind. though it was obvious she had a sadness about her. watched the dateline again tonight . still cannot believe there would be anyone who could hurt such a sweet lovely person. so glad he is in prison hopefully forever

May 31 2015 (2838) e

Devona George

Beautiful daughter, sister, friend, and young woman loved as a teacher by her students. I am so sorry for your loss, and hope you feel some justice as a result of the trial outcome. Wishing you strength and healing through the years with the peace of knowing Justine is an angel watching over those she loved.

May 31 2015 (2837) e


I am heartbroken after just hearing this tragedy.
I worked with Justine's father in Memphis (early 90's) and admired his wonderful family.
I pray that someday their tears will be replaced with a smile when they remember her. She was a beautiful woman.

March 9 2015 (2836) e


God Bless Justine and her family

February 27 2015 (2835) e


I have just stumbled upon this memorial website and Justine's story has moved me. I would like to express my condolences to Justine's family and friends, she did not deserve what happened to her. I am happy that the monster she married was brought to justice.

January 23 2015 (2834) e

wendy-jo barager

so very happy this man was finally convicted! Though it does not bring this sweet angel back, I am happy justice has finally been served!

December 26 2014 (2832) e


you can email me at hjswartz@gmail.com

November 12 2014 (2831) e


I have a question for Heidi Schwartz; how can I contact her by email?

November 9 2014 (2830) e

Gloria Alexander

I watched this on Dateline and just felt so deeply saddened . your daughter, sister, friend, teacher, animal lover, beautiful person should not have been taken out of this world in this ugly way. She is a child of God and made an earthly difference. Love to your family

November 2 2014 (2829) e

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