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She Will NEVER Be Forgotten And So Will Live Forever! God Bless All Those Who Love her.

October 18 2014 (2824) e


My condolences to the Swartz family. Justine's sweet nature is apparent by just viewing her photos.

October 13 2014 (2823) e


Thoughts and prayers for Justines family. She seemed to be a beautiful light in the world.

October 13 2014 (2822) e

Cat Buchanan

My son was born shortly after Justine was murdered. He goes to EHES. Every time I walk into the school, I think about Justine and wonder if she would have been his Kindergarten teacher (he's in 2nd grade now) or if he still would have had Mrs. Ammons. My thoughts are with your family.

October 9 2014 (2821) e

Mary Jo

To the Swartz Family....I just want you to know that my heart goes out to each of you for the loss of your beautiful daughter Justine. There is no doubt that she was a precious young woman with her life ahead of her and she had much to give the world but tragically, her life was cut short by her husband. As a mom myself with three grown children, this story has just gripped my heart. I continue to think of you all, her family and I will keep you in my prayers. Love to you all....Mary Jo Hamilton

August 17 2014 (2820) e


God Bless

March 29 2014 (2819) e


Time will not erase your love and light. You are in our hearts and soul. I miss you dearly.

November 8 2012 (2818) e

Heidi Swartz

Oh, my darling daughter. I had hoped this year would not be so painful knowing that the horrible man who took your life is locked away forever and can never, ever hurt anyone again.
Alas, it seems to get harder every single year.
I miss you so my little bean.

November 3 2012 (2817) e

jc and wendy

so sorry and what a loss.

October 30 2012 (2816) e

Victoria Antonia

I did not know Justine, but I saw her story on Dateline. What a beautiful girl. My heart is with her and her family.

July 3 2012 (2815) e

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