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I really felt compelled to reach out to the family and friends of Justine. It was so upsetting to see how helpless they felt, how they wished they could have intervened to save her.

There is very little known about love addiction but it is very similar to any addiction, its just that a person replaces a drug. There was very little they could have done to save Justine as she was unaware of what was going on. I wish people knew more about it. There are support groups, similar to AA, one can find online. Best of luck to the family and I hope they find peace.

June 29 2012 (2814) e


I saw the Dateline special last week and was deeply touched by it. Justine and I were the same age and I too was married to a similar monster but thankfully was able to get away back in 2007. I understand what she went through and how easy it is to get sucked into that cycle of abuse and how hard it is to escape it. I hope her family and friends can relieve themselves of any guilt. I hope this story helps other women leave their abusers.

June 27 2012 (2813) e

artie l

I saw the episode on friday night on dateline and wanted to say it was one of the saddest stories I have heard of. Justine deserved so much better in life and i hope that her parents,sister and relatives have pulled together through this.She was beautiful and I am sure God is watching over her. May God bless.

June 24 2012 (2812) e


I saw the Dateline programme about your lovely daughter. My prayers and thoughts are with you. So glad you have seen some justice and the perpetrator has been put away for good.

Cath, Germany

June 24 2012 (2811) e


I attended early childhood education classes and graduated from JMU with Justine. She was the sweetest, most caring person, and just as beautiful inside as out. Ever since the initial announcement I prayed for her family and for the killer to be caught. I was so happy to hear justice had been served and that Dateline aired her story once again last night.

June 23 2012 (2810) e

Joan Wakefield

I just watched Dateline. I am so sorry for Justine, her family and loved ones. May she rest in peace and may all of you find strength in knowing you have enormous support from this viewer and many others.

June 23 2012 (2809) e


Watching this breaks my heart for your family. So happy that this awful man was finally given what he deserves. She seemed to have been a beautiful and intelligent woman blinded by a monster. God Bless You All.

June 22 2012 (2808) e


As I sit and watch the Dateline special this evening,my heart breaks for you, the family of this beautiful young woman. I, too am a Kindergarten teacher. I know the heart of a teacher and how special your loved one was to you and the children she taught. May God bless you all!

June 22 2012 (2807) e

Deputy X 2

Time will never heal your heart...it only gives you the strength to cope. I am so sorry for your loss.

June 18 2012 (2806) e

Heidi Swartz

For those of you waiting to see the Dateline NBC show about Justine, it is scheduled to air on Friday, June 22.

June 16 2012 (2805) e

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