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Watching this breaks my heart for your family. So happy that this awful man was finally given what he deserves. She seemed to have been a beautiful and intelligent woman blinded by a monster. God Bless You All.

June 22 2012 (2808) e


As I sit and watch the Dateline special this evening,my heart breaks for you, the family of this beautiful young woman. I, too am a Kindergarten teacher. I know the heart of a teacher and how special your loved one was to you and the children she taught. May God bless you all!

June 22 2012 (2807) e

Deputy X 2

Time will never heal your heart...it only gives you the strength to cope. I am so sorry for your loss.

June 18 2012 (2806) e

Heidi Swartz

For those of you waiting to see the Dateline NBC show about Justine, it is scheduled to air on Friday, June 22.

June 16 2012 (2805) e


Hello. alex

February 17 2012 (2804) e


Justine I miss you so much. Time stands still for our friendship. It feels like we are back at Hollins so many years ago. Our families will always be connected. May you feel all our love in heaven.

February 10 2012 (2803) e

Stephen Swartz

I miss you darling. We all do.

February 6 2012 (2802) e

Heidi Swartz

33 years ago I gave birth to you. Today I only ask that your spirit is free and peaceful. I love you Bean.

February 6 2012 (2801) e

Heidi Swartz

Please read information on home page regarding upcoming sentencing hearing.

December 29 2011 (2800) e

Mike Hardie

I am glad justice has been done. My thoughts have been with you--Heidi, Steve, and Lauren.

December 8 2011 (2798) e

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