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Stephen Swartz

I miss you darling. We all do.

February 6 2012 (2802) e

Heidi Swartz

33 years ago I gave birth to you. Today I only ask that your spirit is free and peaceful. I love you Bean.

February 6 2012 (2801) e

Heidi Swartz

Please read information on home page regarding upcoming sentencing hearing.

December 29 2011 (2800) e

Mike Hardie

I am glad justice has been done. My thoughts have been with you--Heidi, Steve, and Lauren.

December 8 2011 (2798) e

Lynn Major

justice for Justine.
The world feels like a less broken place with this news.

November 5 2011 (2795) e


Rest in peace Justine... justice has finally been served..

November 3 2011 (2794) e


Just hear your song......what a perfect day to hear it! Thinking of you always

November 3 2011 (2793) e

auntie faye

Thinking of you today, and the story you left with the world. I hope that young women will remember your story,that yor passing will be the beacon that will guide their path to freedom and courage. People who never saw your sweet face, children you taught and their greatful parents, dedicated law enforcement,friends and family will never forget and miss you always.
Rest in peace my sweet Justine.

November 3 2011 (2792) e


Thinking of you today and missing you so. Love and miss you!!

November 3 2011 (2791) e

Dennis Dodson

Justine it was a hard fought battle, most definitely one I was willing to fight. I knew in my heart last Tuesday, October 25, 2011, would come. I know you were watching that day and we all know he will not hurt anyone else. My you rest in peace with God as the most beautiful Angle in Heaven as you were on earth.

November 1 2011 (2788) e

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