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Heidi Swartz

Thank you to the jury for seeing the truth.

October 26 2011 (2775) e


So glad to hear that some kind of Justice was finally served. Hope your family has some kind of closure now, I know that wil never be quite possible....Love you always beautiful girl

October 25 2011 (2774) e

Melissa Altschul (Sporn)


I am so glad that justice was served today! I have heard many wonderful stories about you from your wonderful Grandma Marvel (who is my great Aunt). I know you had a spirit that would put a smile on the face of anyone! You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers today and always!

October 25 2011 (2773) e

Old friend

Justine, justice has been served for you and your family to a point, but he will never have to go through the pain and suffering that you and your family have/will gone through.
I only met Justine a few times and I am so sorry, and almost feel guilty of not warning her about him, but love can blind any of us sometimes.
I have not spoke to Eric since I heard of all this. I just knew deep in my heart that he was the one that did this.
May peace be with you and your family now.

October 25 2011 (2772) e


Justice for Justine....finally. I dont know what else to say. JUSTICE FOR JUSTINE!!!!

October 25 2011 (2771) e

Steven Marks

Lauren, I have recently moved back to Va. from Phoenix and learned what has happened. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family. May justice be served here, and in heaven.

October 18 2011 (2766) e


Counting down the days for justice to be served for you

September 23 2011 (2764) e


i was the one who called 911 i lived on the rd she was found on

August 23 2011 (2763) e


sweet girl how I miss you.

June 28 2011 (2760) e


She is in my prayers.

June 6 2011 (2759) e

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