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thinking of you and your warm smile.

April 25 2011 (2756) e


You are remembered every time I see my student's smiles. I thought of you today. Your kindness and love for life will never be forgotten.

March 24 2011 (2755) e


miss you bean. Wish I still had my dancing partner.

March 16 2011 (2754) e

Rosemary Smith

Dear Heidi,
Justine has been on my mind so much in the past few months. For some reason, I had not checked your website until this morning. When I saw that her husband Eric had finally been charged with her murder, I was elated. Finally, there will be justice for your beautiful Justine. Always know that your friends here in Kentucky will be praying for you and your family as you face the trial.

Love and prayers,

Rosemary Smith
author, Children of the Dome

March 8 2011 (2753) e

Lynn Major

Dear Heidi, Steve, & Lauren:

We just heard the news, from Carlo, of Carluccio's.

There are no words...

Just please know that our thoughts are with you all.

Lynn, Rob, Marly & Sebina

February 26 2011 (2751) e

linda & kim hageman

Dear Heidi,Steve and Lauren, I could not believe that when I went to view Justine's site ,around her birthday ,that Eric had finally been arrested for her murder. OMG,finally justice will be done. What you all have been put through for the last 4 years is unbelievable and that it took this long to charge him with this unforgiveable crime is unreal. We'll always remember the happy days we shared together, living next door to each other, and raising our girls together during there infant, toddler and early school age years.Our thoughts and prayers are with you during the next phase of this, Eric going to trial. WE pray he will not see the light of day again. Love Kim,Linda,Jennifer,Katie and Molly

February 19 2011 (2748) e


Happy Valentine's Day Bean. You are loved by countless people. We miss you and your big heart.

February 14 2011 (2744) e

Justine's mom

Today is Justine's 32nd birthday. Tonight, look up into the sky and find the brightest star. It is her-still loving us.

February 6 2011 (2743) e


Hi Bean, You will be turning 32 this weekend! How time does fly. I smile to thing of how young we always looked and we decided that this was a good thing because later we would still look young. Miss you and sending Happy Birthday wishes to heaven.

February 4 2011 (2742) e

Dena Kendall

I just learned of the horrible tragedy that your family has had to endure. Reading your story in the freelance star was like reading my own. In 2005 I too lost my sister to murder and on February 1, 2010 her husband was finally arrested for her murder and now too sits in jail awaiting trial. May God keep you close and bless your family in this difficult time.

January 7 2011 (2739) e

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