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dennis c. schlueter

So sorry to see this crime going on in a free country, see if you can get her discharged from the state as a ward, look into what your laws say about this, it would be worth a try. the best of everything to your family.

March 29 2014 (2821) e

Art & Linda

Free this girl right away you stupid jerks....Whats your problem...Admit you made a mistake and give her back to her parents..Govenor I know you can do something about it.......Do like Larry the Cable guy sez........Get er done....

March 29 2014 (2820) e


God Bless

March 29 2014 (2819) e


Time will not erase your love and light. You are in our hearts and soul. I miss you dearly.

November 8 2012 (2818) e

Heidi Swartz

Oh, my darling daughter. I had hoped this year would not be so painful knowing that the horrible man who took your life is locked away forever and can never, ever hurt anyone again.
Alas, it seems to get harder every single year.
I miss you so my little bean.

November 3 2012 (2817) e

jc and wendy

so sorry and what a loss.

October 30 2012 (2816) e

Victoria Antonia

I did not know Justine, but I saw her story on Dateline. What a beautiful girl. My heart is with her and her family.

July 3 2012 (2815) e


I really felt compelled to reach out to the family and friends of Justine. It was so upsetting to see how helpless they felt, how they wished they could have intervened to save her.

There is very little known about love addiction but it is very similar to any addiction, its just that a person replaces a drug. There was very little they could have done to save Justine as she was unaware of what was going on. I wish people knew more about it. There are support groups, similar to AA, one can find online. Best of luck to the family and I hope they find peace.

June 29 2012 (2814) e


I saw the Dateline special last week and was deeply touched by it. Justine and I were the same age and I too was married to a similar monster but thankfully was able to get away back in 2007. I understand what she went through and how easy it is to get sucked into that cycle of abuse and how hard it is to escape it. I hope her family and friends can relieve themselves of any guilt. I hope this story helps other women leave their abusers.

June 27 2012 (2813) e

artie l

I saw the episode on friday night on dateline and wanted to say it was one of the saddest stories I have heard of. Justine deserved so much better in life and i hope that her parents,sister and relatives have pulled together through this.She was beautiful and I am sure God is watching over her. May God bless.

June 24 2012 (2812) e

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